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Massage for Addiction!!! 

We are so excited about the next step we are taking into the community.  With the help of all of you and fellow therapist we are setting up a fun event.  


please stay tune as the event unfolds and more information become available.  

As a family who has shared in a hardship addiction brings we understand that this is fight that needs a helping hand.  lets stand together.   In some way we all need that left up.  We look forward to seeing you as part of this event as it comes together.

Meditation Classes!


Rose Meditation & Self Communication

Meditation class that takes you through a series of different steps and allows you to tap into you subconscious and ask yourself questions and find answers.

Real subconscious writing and relaxation. We will start by having each person bring a pillow and a blanket (whatever makes you confortable). The key is to make you comfortable and relaxed. Come in comfortable clothing. We will provide paper, clip boards and pencils.

As we get started we will walk you through each step. As you relax and allow your subconscious to take over. We will begin by having you ask yourself simple questions. We want you to ask your own questions. These are your answers you seek.

With practice this becomes something you can do at home! This unique form of meditation allows you to speak directly to your subconscious and get the answers that you seek from within while your subconscious does everything it can to protect you, it will also lead you right.

Available for clients to book online. Credit card required for booking (it will not be charged unless no show).